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Ways to Add Color to Your Bedroom

Neutral is a forever safe and timeless color option. Although minimalistic and monochromatic trends are all the hype right now, it doesn’t mean you must only stick to these tame interior styles. If you’re getting bored with your white, gray, or beige space, add some spunk and personality to your dull room with bright and fun colors and hues.

You don’t need to paint your entire room in rainbow colors to add some color; instead, there are many ways to introduce and incorporate pops of color into any room without overdoing it.

Here are a few ways to add pops of color to your bedroom to give it an aesthetic look.

Go for a Colorful Rug

A rug is one of the most critical elements that bring a space together, giving it a more cohesive and put-together look and feel. Add a pop of color to your room by adding a rug with vivid color or colorful patterns. This is especially a great option for rooms with plain and boring floors.

Opt for Bright Accessories

If you’re looking to add some non-permanent pop of color to your space, consider incorporating some interesting accessories. Although underrated, colored accessories can have quite an impact on the aesthetics of a room. For instance, a statement gold lampstand with a yellow lamp shape can amp up an otherwise neutral space. Despite their bright and loud hues, some colors give a neutral room a cohesive and balanced appeal.

Add Some Artsy Elements

If you want to keep your furniture and accessories neutral and monochromatic, you can introduce a pop of color in your room through unique artwork and photography. Some artistic pieces pop gracefully in simple surroundings. So, if you have an all-white, grey, or beige room, allow your artwork to take center stage and create a gallery-like environment. Don’t shy away from trying out bold colors and collages.

Choose a Single Statement Piece

Even a single statement piece of further can add all the color your monochromatic room needs. Your bed is already the highlight of your bedroom, so make sure to think outside the box instead of simply opting for a fancy bed. If you have enough space, we would recommend adding a velvet chair with gold accents. Teal, mustard, hot pink, and emerald green are a few amazing color options to make this chair an attention grabber.

Incorporate Flowers and Plants

It’s always great to incorporate some natural and organic elements, such as flowers or house plants, into your bedroom. If you don’t want to spend too much money investing in new furniture or accessories, simply opt for vibrant-colored plants and flowers or statement flower pots to add a dose of color and life to your room.

Opt for Bold Window Treatments

Throw pillows, cushions, or blankets are often the target when it comes to adding color to a space. Opting for colored curtains, however, is something very few people do. The best aspect of opting for bold and bright window treatments is that they give a fun and fresh feel while being impermanent. Also, not to mention the massive variety of options available in terms of color, patterns, and prints.

Wrapping Up

From rugs, art, and furniture to accessories, every element of your room can be utilized to add just the right amount of color to your room. We hope that the above-listed ways to add color to your bedroom help you create a perfect light and bright space that you love.

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